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"I am in maintenance". A claim many of us proudly state about our health and fitness journey.

But are we talking a little too soon? When is it that we truly hit the maintenance milestone?

In actual fact, it's not until we have reached our original goal. What follows is the lifestyle to maintain it.

It could be, in that case, that we often confuse the term 'maintenance' with the stage on our journey when we continue to lose fat. We are through the initial burst, we are keeping up our plan, but we haven't yet reached where we want to be. This may be maintaining our daily routine, of nutrition and fitness, but it isn't the same as being in maintenance.

But when we DO hit our target and can say "I am now happy with where I am, how I look, how I feel" THAT is when maintenance kicks in.

Let's be proud of ourselves wherever we are on our journey, not overclaim where we are at and enjoy the process. It should be empowering and positive at every point.

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