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Social life. Work stuff. Family plans. We rush around like headless chickens, trying our best to tick tasks off to do lists. So much so we all too often forget something important: ourselves.

‘Me’ time is increasingly the first thing to be ignored and the last to be prioritised.

And when do we realise? When it’s too late. Run down. Over tired. Feeling unwell. Our immune system drops and we easily fall sick. Because as you’ve heard me quote before: “You cannot pour from an empty cup”.

Running on empty quite literally slows us down. And we don’t have what it takes to give our all to whatever we want to achieve.

HOWEVER, together we can turn this around. HHPT can unlock your super power: YOU. And to kick start, here are some simple dawn-to-dusk energy burst tips:

FRAME THE DAY Channel a positive attitude. This really can be a great day. You really do have enough time. Thinking it first thing gets your started as you mean to go on.

PLAN YOUR FUEL What will you eat today? Where will you source it? Where will you eat it? Start planning how to feed your body the nutrients it needs (and start ignoring the cravings your ego demands...)

AND SNACK SMART Grab something healthy, not something convenient. Less sugar. More sustainable over the course of the busy day.


GET SOME AIR Relish in some time outdoors. You’ll ground yourself back into nature. You will fill your lungs. And your soul.

AND PULL THE PLUG Don’t take work to bed - not on your laptop nor in your head. Power down from the day to relax and sleep better.

The quicker you start to fill that empty cup of yours, the quicker you can start pouring into those of others...

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