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Fad diets. Let’s break that down. A fad is a craze. As in, it’s crazy. And a diet? Well the one thing we know about those is that they end. And then where are you? Back to old habits. And soon enough back to where you started. Hopeless.

It’s time to say “cheerio” to crash diets and “so long” to quick fixes. ‘The Personal Approach’ doesn’t do diets. We do lifestyle change.

Each of us works to a different schedule, with different time limitations, so when HHPT gets under the skin of your routine, we can implement changes that are manageable and achievable. And changes lead to results when you start to feed yourself properly, with the ingredients that your body needs to thrive, when you most need energy boosts.

It’s really just smart planning. All taken care of by HHPT.

"Working with Hollie has transformed my body making me look much leaner and more often feel younger than I did in my twenties (I am 41!). She will push you and encourage you and help you see the benefits of making permanent changes. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend Hollie." Charlotte

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