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If we start something new, but don’t see or feel a difference, then what’s the point? Agreed. It’s all about results. Personally, professionally, we need to know what we’re doing is working. Because if we don’t see or feel that change, we won’t grow, and then what will spur us on?

‘The Personal Approach’ is entirely results driven. We work together to get to where you want to be. You bring your goal; HHPT devises the best program to achieve that and, crucially, supports you throughout. Daily check ins through private social media ensure constant nutritional analysis, food diary planning and ticking off targets as they are reached. And not one HHPTee is yet to not smash their target. Need further proof that this works? These lovely ladies tell it as it is:

Julia knew her goal. As a runner, she set out to beat her personal best. Together we created her bespoke training plan - devised to realign her posture, with speed strength exercises to increase her pace. Stronger, prouder and standing more upright, Julia beat her PB and was immediately accepted for the next marathon she undertook.

"Training with Hollie was absolutely amazing. She took me from bad posture, low self-esteem and injury, to being able to stand up tall, be proud of my physique and smash out a sub-3:30 marathon. Hollie’s tailored approach to personal training and rehabilitation not only made me physically stronger, but also more focused and determined in my approach to my life outside of the gym."

Cassie was a gym bunny. Slogging it out at all the machines. Sweating it out at all the different classes. But it just wasn’t working for her. No change. No progress. Something was missing. Enter HHPT.

Cassie began to train for her body type and align her nutrition with what her body needed. After just three weeks, she could already see, and feel, the difference. Her body shape changed. She was losing fat. Her skin was radiant. She was energized.

"I travel all the time for business, which makes sticking to a healthy diet and getting exercise a challenge. Hollie's online training program solved that problem for me. Her training hours are flexible - extremely helpful when I’m in different time zones - and she creates workouts and diet plans that fit my needs. I've been training with her for several years now and I am very pleased with the results I've achieved and, more importantly, maintained. I highly recommend Hollie to anyone looking for a personal trainer." - Cassie

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