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Health. It’s not just what we feed our bodies. Nor just how much we move. Equally important is the well being of our minds. We live in our heads, our conscious and our subconscious. We need to nurture them.

“I’ll deal with that later.” Something we say a little too often perhaps? Mentally filing things; putting them to the backs of our minds; blocking out thoughts because we have too much other stuff to deal with. Doesn’t sound that healthy, does it?

Here’s the sad news: it is all too easy to do. To not address things that spark an emotion. To ignore whatever brings back a memory we’d prefer to forget.

How must this affect our bodies? They can only hold so much, and far too many illnesses can be linked to our emotional state of mind.

But here’s the good news: the body is a truly magnificent thing! When we learn to read the signs, we see what it is telling us. Then we can take action before it is too late.

For those amongst you who enjoy some quiet time, this link is a 15 minute treat to raise your vibration through alignment meditation.…

Here's to keeping our minds healthy and happy. Our bodies will thank us for it.

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