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See your goal Hang a dress on the door. Write that special date on your bedroom mirror. Never lose sight of why you’re doing this.

Set your aims Make them reachable and reasonable. A weekly ‘stepping stone’ target is far more achievable than a huge goal six weeks down the line.

Build a network Invite your family and friends to support you. Their motivation will keep you on track.

Plan your week Food, fitness, fun. Diarise it all. And don’t forget all your ‘me’ activities to spur you on the journey.

Mix it up Routine can become monotonous. Keep activities fresh to keep you motivated.

Use your tech Reminders on your phone and a laptop serve as extra triggers to keep you focused.

Use your mind Visualise how you will feel and look once you reach your goal.

Ground yourself Try to bring yourself back to centre to keep your mind focused and in line.

Sleep deep A good night’s sleep is priceless. Rest is your body’s way to recover and renew.

Reward yourself Celebrate hitting a target and completing a week as planned. A treat doesn’t have to be a cheat. Just a little reward for your body and mind.

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