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If you’re anything like me, you remember I.T. classes at school a little something like this: One 20 minute turn on a HUGE static computer, taught how to use a keypad, amazed by excel and word! Suffice to say, the world has evolved. RAPIDLY. .

It is quite literally impossible to avoid technology today. Mobiles; tablets; laptops… One of the many positive impacts? We can be better connected.

That’s why ‘the personal online training approach’ works so well! One-to-one, face-to-face private training at a time that suits you.

Via any video link - Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype…

From any type of device - phone, laptop, iPad...

Wherever you are - home or hotel, park or gym, away on holiday or business...

It’s really that simple. Take it from those who train via tech:

"I’ve been seeing Hollie both in person and online for years. She got me wedding ready, I was in the best shape of my life, and looked fantastic. Since having a baby she’s been training me online at home, which has been brilliant as it fits in with my routine and means I can achieve my goals whilst the baby sleeps. I love how Hollie not only trains you but helps with your diet, routine, mental health, hormones, physio needs. She’s the best." – Laura

"I travel all the time for business, which makes sticking to a healthy diet and getting exercise a challenge. Hollie's online training program solved that problem for me. Her training hours are flexible - extremely helpful when im in different time zones - and she creates workouts and diet plans that fit my needs. I've been training with her for several years now and I am very pleased with the results I've achieved and, more importantly, maintained. I highly recommend Hollie to anyone looking for a personal trainer." – Cassie

Whichever device you are using to read this post might just be the gateway for your online personal training! Message me to plan a FREE 20 minute call and we can see just how easy it is to make it work for you.

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