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Be it kids' colds, germs from the commute or our bodies simply saying 'nah, not today' - we can all too easily find ourselves out of action for a few days. We mustn't forget that whilst the body is a magnificent machine, it too needs time to recover.

Feeling wiped out in bed one day then setting off on a run the next is not going to work. A little readjustment period is just what the doctor ordered. So that, just like your head, your body can be ready to go again. Be kind to yourself. You might have been knocked off your schedule for a few days but if you devour healthy and vitamin rich foods, rest when you need to and listen to your body, you will be back on track soon enough.

If you choose not to rest, your body will take control and tell you it needs a break. Tried to avoid it telling you 'nah, not today'.

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