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Ever find yourself holding your breath whilst you're working out? Believe me, you're not alone. Many, many people do this - especially those new to exercise.

At the moment we push our body to work at its hardest we force it perform movements with no new air. We tense up, forget to exhale and make the task harder and the experience tougher.

Breathing is a gift. Quite literally the element of air that allows our bodies to function. And to carry us daily.

That's why working on our breathing is key not only to our body, systems and mind, but also to our strength and fitness performance.

Training and stamina will both greatly increase simply by taking a few moments each to practice your breath work.

Take 60 seconds to watch this easy triangle breathing technique. You can slow down the shape as you master controlling your breath:

Now take another 60 seconds to yourself: close your eyes, inhale, exhale and enjoy!

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