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Returned your friend’s call? Been to the gym? Made the kids’ lunches? Put out the bins? Booked that flight?

Our ‘to do’ lists are endless. And as humans that is exactly how we are programmed: hardwire to ‘do’. Even while we sleep we are playing out scenarios, even if we don’t remember them...

So where is the reset button? How about that quiet time we crave? Try to recall the last time you just sat, still.

It is so important to take a few deep breathes. To stay in control of our minds. To be in the present. Counting our breath and feeling the energy pump around our bodies is priceless. It is quite literally the power source to our beating hearts.

Time out shouldn’t be another item on a to do list. It shouldn’t take up much time. Just a few still moments can energise and refocus you and bring ‘you’ back to life.

As Buddha advised: “Take a beat, take a breathe”.

#takeabeattakeabreathe #buddhalife


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