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Stay Centered. Be Grounded.

The body is a truly magnificent machine. It carries us every day. We put our bodies through so much on a daily basis, but right now we have time to restore and to replenish. And the choice to do that in whatever form works for us.

Listen to your body. Take time to tune in. Ask yourself what you need to stay balanced? To motivate movement? To find stillness? To achieve better nutrition? Which mindfulness activities you most enjoy?

Why not try out a few new things to take advantage of this gift of time. Your body will tell you what it likes best.

As with anything new, start s l o w l y . Rushing into a HIIT workout after no exercise for quite a while can lead to injury and you'll feel overly sore. The same applies to mindfulness. Your first meditation rarely lasts 45 minutes - little by little we build up a routine we enjoy and one we can sustain.

Look within and ask yourself this: "what does my body really need right now?" Ignore your ego mind, listen to your body!

Fill yourself up. Restore, replenish, reboot and revive. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

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