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When at our best, we can take on the world. When we feel loved and energised, we see things clearly. When we are calm and centred, we stop over thinking. Both our body and our mind can tackle whatever life throws our way.

Just as the proverb says: ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’. So perhaps we can find some simple ways to keep it topped up?

For me, I like to start the day as I mean to go on. Something to stimulate all the avenues for a healthy body and my mind:

_ Lemon water awakens my body and systems.

_ Stretches and activations lengthen and realign my body.

_ Meditation calms my mind and sets a positive intention for the day.

So what works for you? We all have little things we like to do throughout the day to make us feel stronger. That make us feel loved. That let us show love to ourselves. Let’s see what we can do together to enhance those routines, boost your body and mind, and get your cup brimming over.

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