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Mobiles. A fantastic invention. Until they run out of juice. Lucky they are so easy to top back up to 100%.

If only it were so easy for us. But whilst no such power cable exists for humans, we have one built in. Our mind. The very best way to recharge our batteries and power us back to full strength.

Changing the way we think alters our outlook and boosts our energy levels. Making ourselves present, focusing on the here and now, dissolves the feeling of tiredness.

It's draining to be negative: "Well that was an early start."

"I'm having such a long day."

It's draining to dread what's coming next:

"I have so much to do."

"I just can't wait to get home."

When we are present, we come back to centre. And it is ever so easy to do:


Inhale. Deep and slow. Raise the chest. Feel your heart beating. Exhale. Long and slow.


Go on a short walk. Even around the office if you can't get outside. Let your energy flow.


Fast. Stand and shake, move your arms and legs, twist that torso. Yes, really! Our bodies become alive.

Enjoy life in the present. It's the best place to be to power ourselves back when we need a little recharge.

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