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Embarking on any new project, we always know what we want to achieve. Our journey to that goal will almost certainly chop and change as we go, but that’s great! That’s adapting. That’s learning. That’s growing.

The key? To plan. It will keep you focussed. Your ambition always front of mind. No matter how many balls you have to swerve on the way.

Taking the time to schedule your day and your week lets you envisage your timeline. But as with everything, going it alone isn’t easy. Holding yourself accountable to your schedule can be tough. Team up with a buddy, a coach, a family friend - someone to check in with to keep you on point.

Top pro tip to all HHPTers: always plan your day. Many of you note down when you will eat, train, take time out. Others prefer to prep their food and blends in advance. Some of you like to do both!

There is something quite calming when you shift your schedule from your head to your hand and see it on a piece of paper (or a tablet!) Everything you would like to achieve in a day. Planned around your daily activities. There it all is. Your ‘to do’ list!

Give it a go and you’ll see how rewarding it is to tick all the boxes before bed.

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