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Work meetings. Social life. The day-to-day - every day. It's hard enough to get through our to do lists before we even think about making time for ourselves.

But we can. And we must. So here are some simple pro tips that demand little of us, but will reward us in abundance.

Own your commute. Fresh air before work focuses the mind. Movement after work calms you down. Could you cycle? Walk the last two bus stops of your journey? Jog part of the way?

Lunch with nature. Reconnecting yourself to the earth is simple, yet incredibly powerful. Sit on the ground whilst you fuel your body. Or rest your feet on the grass whilst you eat. Maybe sink your toes into the sand and your teeth into food.

Keep on breathing. You don't need a huge chunk out of your day to achieve this. Leave a breath work video running on silent at your desk. When you catch it with your eye you are repeatedly reminded to bring yourself back to centre.

There'll never be fewer work demands, less people to see, reduced errands to run. But there will always be a way to make those moments work for you. Sit in the driving seat and own your day. You'll be grateful that you did.

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