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The health and fitness market. It is flooded with professionals. We come in all shapes and sizes. And each with a unique way of working.

So here is the million dollar question: how do you discover who is right for YOU? Let's start to figure that out by reframing the question - because actually you have to be right for each other.

MAKE A CONNECTION. Working with the best in the field doesn’t mean they will ‘get you’.

MAKE A BESPOKE PLAN. Your professional needs to tailor your plan to your goals, not just train you by the book.

MAKE SURE THEY ARE FLEXIBLE. It is pointless if your coach can't book a session to your schedule or work in a way you enjoy. There is the perfect PT out there for everyone.

Meet or have a live call with anyone you would like to work with. And ask yourself this: Did you connect? Can they deliver what you need? Are they flexible?

A 20 minute free video call is available from HHPT for those of you looking to make a healthier lifestyle change.

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