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The way we see the world. And the way the world sees us.

Both are driven by how we fill our days. We are absolutely shaped by our routine. By what we feed our bodies; when we move our limbs; how we nourish our minds. Hand on heart, does your daily routine truly fulfil you nutritionally, physically and emotionally?

Recognising that we all work in a wonderfully different way, ‘The Personal Approach’ will create a routine tailored to you. Tapping into exactly what you need, and guiding you through the every day, HHPT will support you throughout.

Built around your goals and needs. An individual and achievable program. With tangible results.

"Hollie takes an individual approach to everyone she works with. She invests in them, their wellbeing and whatever they are working towards.” Alexandra

"Hollie's approach is body-positive and health focused, combining warmth and a wry sense of humour with impressive physiological expertise, Hollie creates exercises that are tailored not just to your goals, but to your specific body.” Mary

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