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A spoonful of sugar does indeed help the medicine go down. But do you realise how sweet sugar really is? And how much of it we actually consume every day...?

Checking food labels may just surprise you. Most carbohydrates contain sugar. Most pre-packaged foods are brimming with sweeteners and preservatives. Fruit? Full of it.

Hormones and external factors alter our mind function. But so does sugar. To a great extent. Even a single instance of elevated glucose in our bloodstream can be harmful to the brain. Slowed cognitive function. Deficits in memory and attention. And as if that might not be enough, sugar can also take part of the blame for:

Accelerating aging. Increasing stress. Causing tooth decay, gum and heart disease. Lowering immune function. Raising the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Could you imagine a whole week without the sweet stuff? Let’s talk some more if you fancy the challenge.

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