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We all need to summon a little courage to dip a toe in the water. Especially if we're doing something for the first time. Hiring a professional can come with much of the same trepidation. "Do they know their stuff? Can I trust their guidance?"

The world of well-being is flooded to say the least. Finding the right person for you is vital to getting off on the right food and staying on tracking.

Keep these few things front of mind when starting out with a new PT:

They should focus on YOUR goals and keep you training to achieve what YOU want.

They should suggest areas to work on beyond your specifics. Ask them to explain what. And why.

They should correct you on technique. The correct technique for your body. Not just by the book.

They should stay in touch when you're not training face-to-face. You need their support outside your sessions.

They should keep you accountable.

Training with a coach should be fun. You should see results. And importantly, you should feel comfortable knowing you're in safe hands. So make sure you spark a great chemistry when you dip your toe in the water.

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