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Wouldn’t it be nice to be more in control?

Here’s an idea: our thoughts create our reality. Dr Alan asks “is it our reality that creates our personality, or our personality that creates our reality?” This is indeed a big question. His online course reveals all. (And has a HHPT five star rating.)

Everything we do, think, see, hear and feel can trigger a chain reaction. Our bodies are programmed to define stimuli and are intuitive to know how to react. In comes the subconscious mind. And we do all this without even thinking about it!

Growing more aware of our emotions, feelings and brain chatter we see how this pattern occurs. And importantly, the effect it is has on our lives.

Pro tip alert! Grounding ourselves daily gets us intune with our inner selves. Wherever we may be, it is a great start to the day to root our feet on the earth. If outdoors, make use of open spaces; if inside, use crystals to put your feet back on the floor; if on a plane, use your breathe to realign yourself. Out, in or up in the air - there is so much power in this simple morning ritual!

Whether we see it or not, the butterfly effect works its magic. Because I’m sure we all agree it would be nice to be more in control…

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