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Living in pain is horrid. Sadly, it is far too common. I hear many a story from new clients about old injuries. They skipped post op treatment. They missed physio appointments. They didn’t heal.

Living in pain is horrid. Happily, it is mostly avoidable. Yet instead of merely treating the affected area, we need to identify the cause of the pain. A correct assessment is the key.

However, we mustn’t forget this: not every pain is caused by a physical injury. We also nurture emotional pain in our bodies yet all too often fail to recognise it as that. A full body and mind consultation will root out any hidden causes. Knowing a client’s body and history of movement, injury and pain is essential on their journey to wellbeing.

That’s why HHPT looks beyond simply the pain hotspots to set you on a pain free path.

Let’s talk through your pain with a FREE 20 minute consultation.

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