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“TEN MORE!” The two words we all (dread to) hear when we are doing a class... But was whoever last demanded that of you really interested in your form?

We are all different. The make up of our bodies. The type of technique we need to perfect. So the way we alter exercise needs to be different, too. Custom fit for us as individuals.

Classes are great. To motivate us (to show up). To be accountable (if you pre pay). To get the body moving (when you might just not want to). Yet classes are designed for the masses.

In your next group session, be aware of your body. How do you move? Are you achieving your best form? Is your bike set correctly for your height and posture?

Good form reaps great results.

Hunt down instructors who want to know you. Your body. Your injuries. And who want you to progress with technique and body positioning, not just with weights lifted or speed clocked up.

Seek out an instructor to be your ‘go to’ and your guide, not just the leader at the front of the class.

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