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Hello over there! Yes, you! Over there - in your comfort zone. How are you feeling? All kinds of “comfy”? Go on. Step outside. Because when did you truly last do something to feel that rush of excitement and that wave of butterflies…?

Challenging ourselves. It is essential to our personal growth. To teach us about ourselves; how capable we really are; about what drives us to move forward; how to overcome anything life throws at us.

Caminito del Rey. That’s where I last took a step outside my own comfort zone. Picture the scene:

An exquisite setting, yet home to so many of my fears: heights - small walkways - tunnels - an open air bridge! In a nutshell, my biggest challenge to date. I grabbed a hard hat (because you never know, right?) and embarked on a petrifying walk by the side of a cliff. Rachel, who had booked my adventure, was by my side. And my comfort zone was truly behind me.

The walk was stunning. The experience was exhilarating. The adrenalin has left me pumped to do it all again.

And my biggest learning? I can do anything I put my mind to. And you, yes you, over there, in your comfort zone - so can you.

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