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Kicking off a new regime can be tough. Keeping at it? That’s the real effort. That’s why quick fix fads get so much press - they promise snap results without the long term investment. But equally, you won’t benefit from long term results.

Your saviour will be a personal trainer. Your guide. Your ‘go to’ point of call. Your cheerleader.

Facing a new challenge, weight loss, mindfulness, revised training regime - whatever your goal, you want to see progress. Yet all too often, when we start to see a difference, we fall back to our old ways. We give in to the old habits.

Consistency. Is. Key.

Your trainer is your constant. Your momentum. Finding the easiest ways to keep you on track. To keep you accountable. To keep you progressing on your journey.

"Hollie takes an individual approach to everyone she works with. She invests in them, their wellbeing and whatever they are working towards.’ Alexandra

"Hollie's approach is body-postive and health focused, combining warmth and a wry sense of humour with impressive physiological expertise. Working with Hollie hasn’t just changed the way I feel about exercise, it’s radically boosted my self-belief." Mary

Tap me up for your free 20 minute chat to see how HHPT can be cheering you on every step of the way.

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