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Physical confinement in our own homes reduces the ways we connect with those we love and cherish. So it is increasingly important to find other, non-physical ways to achieve these bonds:

Keep communication flowing and revive conversations and friendships where life has got in the way.

Check in on your family and friends. Let's reach out to those we love to tell them just that.

Equally important: cut off dead ends to help for regrowth. It works for our hair and it works for our mindset! When a door closes, let the relationship go; allow them to flow and grow on their own path and you continue to do so for you. Sometimes a clean cut is needed.

Not everything is meant to last forever.

But that’s the joy of it.

We learn. We grow. We flourish.

#connectionswiththeoneswelove #lettinggooftheold #allowflowofthenew


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