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Fat loss. Clarity of mind. Hormonal balance. Kick starting internal organs and systems. There are many aspects a cleanse can achieve. The process can be easy, but it can also be challenging. The key? Know which cleanse is right for your goals and line up a support system to power you through.

HHPT creates bespoke cleanses based on whatever you want to achieve. And is there to hold your hand every step of the way. For a little first hand insight, here are some notes from Alex who just smashed her targets with a one week part cleanse:

"My waistline needed some HHPT. I kick started a new regime with a cleanse. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t bored, I wasn’t climbing the walls. I did stick to it religiously, I did miss chocolate, I did get some vivid dreams! The blends were surprisingly tasty and the dinner was basic but versatile enough to tweak slightly every night… I lost 31cms in a week. Hollie was a rock throughout: checking in on a daily basis, suggesting slight recipe tweaks to make it more palatable, always punctual, breezy and warm on calls. I’d suggest everyone give this a go at some point - it really resets your focus and body intake as much as it helps get weight loss on the go. Here are a few things I will keep front of mind for my next cleanse. Because there certainly will be one!" Alex

Self timing I started my cleanse on a Wednesday which turned out to be a great idea. I was in the flow by the weekend. I know I would have struggled more to avoid weekend temptation otherwise. Equally, it’s a great idea to time your cleanse around your period - no toxins = no pain!

Self style Cleanses require routine, which can be monotonous. But I was given some scope with the ingredients to mix it up. Whilst it was hard to be that creative during peak dinner / bath / bedtime for the kids, I found some solace in tweaking my meal every night.

Self control I still had to cook and cater for the rest of the family during the seven days but I found it easier by planning their meals in advance. Wandering down snack aisles or perusing online grocery stores for things I couldn’t eat was a no no.

Self focus Remembering why I was doing the cleanse was vital. By the end of the week I was loving my dewy complexion.

Self love If you can’t comfort eat, you might as well comfort play. I scheduled a mani, pedi, hygienist appointment, fringe trim and leg wax (self love?!) all during the week of my cleanse.

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