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Hallowe'en who? Christmas is already upon us!!

Be it 'pigs in blankets' in Portsmouth or beach BBQs in Brisbane - the festive period is famed for filling our tummies - and then some...

Work dos, family gatherings, mince pie meet ups with friends. Not to mention chocolate on offer at every, single turn.

Over indulgence is rife and never is it harder to say "no".

Be mindful at events: Are you actually hungry? Do you even want to eat what's there? Are you picking just because it's on offer...?

When you hear yourself say "Oh go on, just one!" know that one that will lead to four. Or more.

Take care to look after yourself between parties. Give your body a chance to stay tip top for what might come:

Wear extra layers if it's cold outdoors.

Drink enough (water!) throughout the day.

Stock up on green vegetables.

Eat at regular intervals.

'Till the season to be merry. But we can still look after ourselves amidst the festive frolics!

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