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If you only consider one thing today, let it be this:

Taking a few minutes in the morning can make a huge impact on your day, your productivity and your energy levels.

(Bet you wish you'd known that when you woke up, huh?)

Of course not everyone is a morning person. But there are tweaks to our routine which can set us up well.

Be honest...

Do you hit snooze three times most mornings? What are you putting off?


Why not rise and shine a tad earlier? Perhaps prepare your clothes or bag or breakfast the night before.

Not leaving enough time in the morning causes us to rush and panic and forget stuff. And then we've set the tone for the day before we're even out the door.

Feed your soul as well as your body each morning: Why not liven your senses with fresh lemon squeezed into a mug of hot water? How about you treat your body to some early, gentle stretches and activations for posture?

By making our morning routine something to look forward to, we might find ourselves getting out of bed smiling and actually looking forward to it!

Now let's chant: A few more minutes in the morning can save my day! A few more minutes in the morning can save my day!

#morningsmatter #letsallchant


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