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Work fuels our finances. Put simply, we work hard to play hard. Rent or mortgage, housekeeping or holidays... Without an income, we'd be stuck.

Yet there is a time and a place for work. All too easily it spills into our social life and our family time. Working from home, or working part time, can make it even harder to find the right balance.

Ping! A new email. Quick! Get on the app. And just like that, wherever we are and whoever we are with, we're back at our 'desks'.

It is vital - for our bodies and our minds - that we allow ourselves to switch off. If not, we will be quite literally, 'always on'. Ever silenced emails? Closed the door to your home office? Turned off work notifications?

Advance planning to switch off helps with the initial angst of the actual 'pause'. Try this at the end of your working day:

Jot down your to do list and anything playing on your mind.

Leave the post it on your desk.

Walk away and don't read it till the next day.

One thing's for sure, it'll still be there when you next go back! But this simple exercise will ease your brain and allow you some space to embrace some down time.

Then why not go even further? On your way home, enjoy the great outdoors - even if it is a blustery walk to the station. Once home, enjoy a quick meditation to close the work day and open the social brain.

Refreshing yourself, rather than your inbox, will let you pick up the next day where you left off but with a fresh approach.

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