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Cleanse pioneers kick started detoxing centuries ago. They created the process to clear and calm the mind, to reclaim control of our systems and to flush out toxins. Fat loss? A BONUS BI-PRODUCT.

Perhaps, like me, you know first hand how powerful these are. Or perhaps you are yet to dare to try...

I first cleansed in Thailand and I had never felt so alive. So in control. So grounded. My feet, my body - so firmly rooted to the Earth. As my body recognised a toxin it immediately dealt with it, efficiently, effectively. My mind re-connected. Crystal clear thoughts. A uniquely sensational feeling.

And who wouldn’t want to feel like that every day?

Yet we can’t fly to Asia whenever we want a shot of purity. Luckily, then, I designed a program that works brilliantly at home. Three years on and HHPT clients rave about their bespoke cleanses, tailored to their lifestyles and needs. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a full cleanse even though there is so much value in a partial, gentler program for weight loss.

HHPT cleanses are sent to you directly and privately online to let you follow the format at home. Ready prepared blends can be delivered locally.

So now I have you interested, just PM this page for a FREE 20 minute chat to take the first step.

‘Thank you Hollie. After a week on Hollies personal cleanse shakes I’ve lost 5 pounds and 8 inches overall. I’ve never had such personal and well informed advice and all delivered to my door. You are a Miracle worker I never thought I could feel this fit and great xxx’ - June

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