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Take a 'Personal Approach' to your health and nutritional training


Shouldn't we make it the best it can be?

Hollies 'Personal Approach' will help.

Guided health and nutrition.

Created bespoke around your lifestyle. To make you feel fabulous.

Ready to better your life every day.

"Hollie is not only an amazing fitness coach and nutritionist, her wonderful ‘up’ attitude is contagious. Going to Hollie is like therapy."


HHPT is a complete makeover of body and mind.
A delve into your lifestyle, food, mindset and physical body.

Targeting personal needs and goals. Identifying life barriers.

Hollie then creates unique training for each individual.

This isn't working hard, it's working smart.

With more than a sprinkle of fun along the way.

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Girl Doing Push-Ups
Refreshing Juices



One-to-one. Face-to-face.

Via any video technology, HHPT can coach wherever you are.

Keep your body fit and your mind healthy at home, on holiday, on business.

Bespoke programs available for brides-to-be and post-birth mums.



HHPT offers guidance in person and in group classes in the province of Malaga. 
Training with HHPT is a whole body and mind makeover.
HHPT classes take an individual approach to every attendee, ensuring all injuries are looked after and progressions given where needed.
It is not about working hard, it's about working smart, and having fun along the way!



Bespoke Cleanse Package
A sure way to reboot the body and feel fabulous.
Whether you are embarking on a new routine and need a kick start or maintaining and looking for a boost. Juice cleansing can be part or full depending on the individuals goals.
7 day plan, nutrition packed, training regime included with daily check ins.




Hollie dedicated more than ten years to getting Londoners in step.

Prepping brides-to-be. 

Reuniting mums with their pre-baby bodies. 

Shaping busy working women who don't think they have the time. 

Taking her business online, HHPT now impacts more women, further afield. 

With a worldwide client base, HHPT affects bodies and minds around the globe. 

Achieving goals isn’t easy.

Diets. Fad diets. None have the lasting impact we desire.  

But Hollie’s ‘personal approach’ does. 

Each person is individual. 

Everyone needs a bespoke food plan.

Every body responds to a tailored training program. 

A journey of fun and learning, re-igniting your inner passion for you. 

Seeing and feeling results with a bright smile. 

"Hollie is an incredible coach. For exercise. For nutrition. For life goals." 

Happy Mummy, London



Word on the Street

"Hollie takes an individual approach to everyone she works with. She invests in them, their wellbeing and whatever they are working towards. She helped keep me on track, emotionally and mentally, in the crazy build up to my wedding day. And she educated me about nutrition and wellbeing as well as just exercise and body shape. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Alexandra, London

"I travel all the time for business, which makes sticking to a healthy diet and getting exercise a challenge. Hollie's online training program solved that problem for me. Her training hours are flexible - extremely helpful when im in different time zones - and she creates workouts and diet plans that fit my needs. I've been training with her for several years now and I am very pleased with the results I've achieved and, more importantly, maintained. I highly recommend Hollie to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

Cassie, Tokyo

"I’ve been seeing Hollie both in person and online for years. She got me wedding ready, I was in the best shape of my life, and looked fantastic. Since having a baby she’s been training me online at home, which has been brilliant as it fits in with my routine and means I can achieve my goals whilst the baby sleeps. I love how Hollie not only trains you but helps with your diet, routine, mental health, hormones, physio needs.
She’s the best."

Laura, London


“Always moving around with work and family made training and staying healthy a nightmare. I couldn’t join a gym or stick to a routine. Until I joined Hollies online training programme. I now feel fit and healthy and know I can train no matter where I am. This is the best I have felt in years. “

Anonomous, New York

"Training with Hollie was absolutely amazing. She took me from bad posture, low self-esteem and injury, to being able to stand up tall, be proud of my physique and smash out a sub-3:30 marathon. Hollie’s tailored approach to personal training and rehabilitation not only made me physically stronger, but also more focused and determined in my approach to my life outside of the gym."

Julia, Amsterdam

"Hollie's approach is body-postive and health focused, combining warmth and a wry sense of humour with impressive physiological expertise, Hollie creates exercises that are tailored not just to your goals, but to your specific body. Banishing the ghosts of mean P.E teachers and bitchy ballet classes, working with Hollie hasn’t just changed the way I feel about exercise, it’s radically boosted my self-belief."

Mary, London

"I first started training with Hollie after having twin boys nearly 2 years ago.
I can honestly say after trying various different personal trainers throughout my life Hollie is by far the best by miles and saved my posture after carrying the boys. She is the whole package.
For those who work and/or juggle kids like me it gives you a way to have some time to yourself, to exercise and feel good,  
I refer to Hollie as my bit of Hollie magic!

Nadya, London

"I’ve worked with Hollie for 10 weeks now and the results have been incredible- having a ten month old baby I had felt pretty low with all the body changes- Hollie has tailored our sessions to help build strength and fix nagging posture/tenseness issues, helped me with nutrition and really boosted my mindset. I can’t recommend her enough, I feel better than before I got pregnant. All sessions are online live with her, so she coaches me in my living room, usually ridiculously early when baby is still asleep- again, Hollie’s approach really works with your lifestyle- she is just fantastic!!!!"

Katie, London

"Hollie is hugely focused and disciplined and is an excellent teacher. Working with her has transformed my body making me look much leaner and more often feel younger than I did in my twenties (I am 41!). She will push you and encourage you and help you see the benefits of making permanent changes. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend Hollie."

Charlotte, London




Spark Escapes interviews HHPT 
Inspiring Stories
Hollie transformed her face-to-face health & wellness training business in London to an online concept so she could continue her work and fulfil her dream of moving to the south coast of Spain.

Hollie Hill PT


Tiny Feet

Faith a Life Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Faith started Spark Escapes in 2015 after she quit the rat race to create her dream life

Faith speaks from experience; “it is possible to make your dreams happen. I can help you realize your self belief and inner confidence to re-design your life however you want to."

Lucy is a highly qualified and experienced naturopath working in Somerset, on the Isle of Wight and online with clients  Lucy runs her own naturopathy clinic.
Lucy strongly believes that therapies such as naturopathy should be complementary to conventional treatment and is trained to work alongside doctors or other therapists where necessary.

Christine has worked with children and family's for more than 18 years.
The Little Cherry Tree Company was established to offer sleep support for every families individual journey. Every child is different, there is no one size fits all.
Making the world of parenting a little less overwhelming, with no pressure or judgements.


Faith Hill : Life Coach

Lucy Peel : Naturopath 

Christine : Sleep Support

"Each morning we are born again.

What we do today is what matters most."


"You had the power all along, my dear" Glinda, the good witch